God of War: 5 big questions that need answers

Sony Santa Monica’s E3 showing of God of War left many fans of the series with a great number of questions. While the game has received a handful of changes within its gameplay mechanics, settings, and character attributes, there are a few questions remaining that many of us would like answers to. Who is Kratos’ Son? Why is he in Scandinavia? And who will he be battling against now that he has effectively moved on with his life?

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I however, have a few questions of my own, some more rooted and deep towards the character and setting of the game itself.

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Is Kratos at war with the Jotunns? 

More commonly known as the frost giants, the Jotunns walk the realm of Jötunheimr. And as expected it consists of an icy landscape much akin to the demo most recently seen at E3 2016. Not only this, but the mysterious weapon that Kratos now possesses holds a great deal of reference. The axe Kratos now wields contains indents and markings to that of the game’s theme –Norse mythology. Along with the ability to freeze enemies during combat indicated by the sharp blue glow, one has to wonder if Kratos as he usually does, may have engaged in battle with some kind of mythological creature before claiming ownership over its weapon.

Cold as ice, how fitting for our hero.

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Is Kratos keeping his dirty little secret shrouded from his Son?

Unlike his Father, Kratos’ Son who at this point in time is simply known as "Boy" seems to be fairly calm and peaceful — holding a sense of innocence and a caring nature. It’s clear that Kratos cares for Boy but he doesn’t seem to know him all too well neither. From what’s been shown of the game the situation that Kratos is now in appears to indicate that he’s not all too familiar with him, only being aware of Boy’s existence for a short duration of time. As witnessed in the demo, Boy isn’t used to hunting — his skills are sub-par and Kratos becomes frustrated with this. If Kratos was present during his son’s upbringing then the child’s skills would’ve been far more developed.

Perhaps he received a phone call shortly after the events of God of War 3 that it’s time to pay his dues and build a relationship with his unknown child, while the Mother goes backpacking around the snowy mountains of Europe for an upcoming nature documentary. Either way, they don’t know each other. Kratos cares for him and the child is respectful wishing to impress him. Regardless of how distant the two may be from one another, Boy doesn’t seem to be aware of who his father really is and the monstrous past of his former life. Given the incidents that took place in God of War 3, if Boy was really aware of his father’s capabilities he wouldn’t have been so timid and worrisome when battling alongside him.

 If anything he would have been more confident knowing what his father is truly capable of. While the Greek Omega symbol is present, marked on his robes for all to see his origins, the scars of his signature weapons; the blades of Athena, are covered by armour and cloth. This begs the question as to whether or not his Son is aware if his godly-heritage, as well as the atrocities his Father has committed. Just imagine the questions Boy must have for him regarding possible cousins and uncles. "They’re all dead. We didn’t see eye to eye, especially Poseidon".

Who is the Mother of Kratos’ Son and where in the Helheim is she?

During the ending of the demo Kratos tells his son that he is ready. This points to a big journey ahead of them as they look on into the distance. Kratos briefly speaks of Boy’s mother after doing battle with a troll, stating that she taught him to hunt. While it’s easy to speculate that she’s simply a figure of Norse mythology, probably someone he slept with who’s no-doubt related to a cousin of a sister who’s tragically married to some poor decrepit’s brother, the underlying tone of the game dictates something deeper that perhaps she’s missing, or even dead. This may explain the situation Kratos is now in, being lumbered with a child an all. Just think, at some point in this child’s life Kratos is going to have "The talk" with him. Poor kid.



How is Sony Santa Monica going to justify the existence of Norse gods?

Let’s stop tip-toeing around the prickly bush of Antheia’s garden. This aspect of the gods being reserved to each specific region and location isn’t going to make any sense. Spoiler: God of War 3 — all the gods are dead, the earth turned to waste, and the remaining NPCs got wasted. God Of War’s lore dictates that the Greek gods are the only gods in existence within its world. And as said previously this is further indicated in God Of War 3 where the fall of each and every god causes the balance of the earth to descend into a state of "Judgement day". — the death of Poseidon causes the seas and oceans to rise. The demise of Hades leads to the Underworld’s collapse, becoming one with that of the living.

Following the death of Helios comes the lose of the Sun – the actual Sun, world in darkness, NPCs going mental. And as one would’ve guessed, the death of Zeus sends the world into chaos. How the studio plans to add gods of a different mythos to the lore without undoing the laws that they themselves have set is the biggest question of them all –as each and every ancient belief system is just a differentiation of one another. In layman’s term, Zeus is to Greece what Odin is to Iceland and Scandinavia. The good news is that if history is a sign of things to come then we can expect the death of Thor, probably by Kratos using his own hammer against him.

Will the Spartan flame make a return?

Kratos has a son, but he also has rage issues, major issues. I’m talking tear your head off and gut your insides if you even look at him wrong kind of issues. If the recent showing contributes as a sign of just how much his former life remains, it’s within his impatience and quick-to-anger characteristics as we’ve seen him present towards his Son. During the demo we see Kratos becoming infuriated by his Son’s mistakes while reenacting Joel and Ellie’s hunting trip in The Last Of Us. He quickly retains control however, showing his will to change and become a better person.

Along with his history of losing all those he’s ever shown love towards, it’s only a matter of time before his Son is kidnapped or even worse –killed, therefore reigniting his rage. If, mind you. That’s an "If". Maybe Boy will live and grow up to be a splitting image of his father, making up for the sins he committed after bringing down the gates of Niflheim and urinating the Omega symbol across the walls of Helheim.

As time goes on, God of War receives more trailers, gameplay footage, leaks and the like, I’m sure more and more questions will finally be answered. In the meantime, do let us know what you think of the new God of War. Are you happy yet angry that TC Carson is no longer voicing the pale Spartan warrior? I am. Do you think we’ll see Loki get his ass handed to him? Or how about Tyr, the Norse God of War that was forced to give up the title to Odin, what family drama can we expect from this disruptional family? Post your thoughts in the comments below.