GDC 2009 News

God of War III runs at 60fps… most of the time

God of War III’s Jim Tilander and Vassily FilipPov revealed to hungry crowds at this year’s Game Developers Conference that Kratos’ latest outing will run at a smooth 60fps – well, for most of the time that is.

Tilander and FilipPov, who serve as programmer and lead game programmer, respectively, confirmed that the title would occasionally drop down to 30fps in order to cope with some of the more demanding sequences in the hotly anticipated PlayStation 3 outing.

Reporting from the event, Kotaku goes on to describe a quick video clip showcasing Kratos battling against up to as many as 15 enemies, including a giant cave troll-like foe seen in the original trailer.

There’s also a lot of fancy techno mumbo jumbo in there, with Tilander and FilipPov described as sounding “more like PS3 salesmen than programmers as they expounded on the many benefits of running a Synergistic Processing Unit.”

So there you have it, PSU readers. God of War III runs at 60fps. Just not all of the time.