God of War III vs. Red Dead Redemption – The Ultimate PS3 Showdown, Round 1

The Ultimate PS3 Games Showdown has officially kicked off! We’ve set out to decide the Best PS3 Game of All Time, but we need your help. Through a series of match-ups, we’ll narrow the field until only the best of the best remain. All you need to do is click the link below and cast YOUR vote in our official poll!


The Contenders:

God of War III

Say what you will about Kratos and his morals, the guy knows how to get sh*t done. Medusan eyes, Chimeran heads, a Cyclops’ thunderous club – next to nothing will stand between the God of War and his revenge, and PS3 gamers get to revel in every second of it. God of War is one of the finest franchises to ever grace Sony platforms, and God of War III was the bloodiest, most brutal entry yet in a series recognized for its blood and brutality. Lucky for us, God of War III was a joy to look at and play. Action-packed battles and setpiece moments were refined to a diamond polish, and even upcoming sequel God of War: Ascension will have a hard time topping this violent tour de force.

Red Dead Redemption

To say Red Dead Redemption is the best Western-themed game of all time might be damning it with faint praise, but rest assured that John Marston’s tale is among the best ever told in gaming. Betrayal and redemption highlight a journey punctuated by exciting missions and an absolute wealth of side content. Hunt bears in the northern mountains? Clear out bandit dens for cash? Terrorize the local town and saloon? All that and more is open to the player, forming a beautiful world you want to return to again and again. Many consider Red Dead Redemption to be Rockstar’s finest achievement, and they just might be right.

Which of these two games deserves to move forward in our competition? Cast your votes in the official polling thread, and be sure to vote in all our match-ups to decide the Best PS3 Game Ever!