God of War PS4 dev dismisses our biggest fears


God of War has Kratos teaming up with his young son, Atreus, sparking concerns among gamers that the title may end up one big escort mission. Fortunately, developer Sony Santa Monica has told the Hollywood Reporter this isn’t the case at all.

It’s most definitely not an escort mission,” said the game’s Creative Director, Cory Barlog. “The player has direct command over Atreus and is trying to guide him through the process, but the kid has his own mind and he is able to handle himself even when you’re not paying attention.”

Barlog added that players can ask Atreus to perform certain tasks at the press of a button. He likened this to “teaching your kid to ride a bike as you run alongside.

Sony previous revealed that God of War PS4 will feature dynamic combat between Kratos and his son, so this would make sense. 

Elsewhere, the interview shed light on the casting behind Christopher Judge and Sunny Suljic as Kratos and Atreus, respectively.

There was an audition and they asked me who I liked most,” Suljic said. "We did a chemistry test, and I didn’t find out until later that they really did ask Sunny for approval,” added Judge.

God of War PS4 release date

Sony announced at E3 2017 that God of War will ship for the PS4 in early 2018. An exact date has yet to be confirmed, though we’ll keep you posted.

Unlike the previous chapters in the multi-million selling franchise, God of War is based on Norse mythology. The game takes full advantage of the PS4’s technical prowess, allowing for larger environments and stunning visuals. 

Sony has confirmed that the latest instalment in the PlayStation-exclusive franchise will be the most brutal yet. 

Check out a new God of War PS4 trailer showcasing the Fire Troll, one of the many beasts that Kratos will face on his next adventure.