God of War PS4 enemy the Fire Troll introduced in new video

god of war ps4 troll

Following yesterday’s introduction to God of War PS4’s "Draugr," Sony Santa Monica has released a new chapter in its God of War – The Lost Pages of Norse Myth series, with the introduction of the Fire Troll. While elemental trolls or creatures aren’t anything new,  check out Sony Santa Monica’s design concepts to see how it differs from the usual design by other developers.

If you think the fire troll looks familiar, then you’re right. It’s the same creature shown in the God of War PS4 reveal trailer. According to Sony Santa Monica, the Fire Troll is a "solitary creature with incredible strength and elemental powers."

For more on God of War, check out how Sony says it’s the most brutal entry in the series yet. The game will also have hidden quests as well, which is a first for the franchise.

God of War PS4 is set for release in "early 2018" exclusively for the PS4.