God of War PS4 hype is real as E3 2017 showing gets closer

god of war ps4 e3 2017

No surprises for guessing which upcoming PS4 game players are looking forward to the most.

Just check out the official PlayStation YouTube channel, where the God of War E3 2016 trailer has now amassed over 17 million views, making it the most viewed trailer on the official channel, and beating previous videos from the likes of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and the Final Fantasy VII remake.

With E3 2017 approaching, and the guarantee that we'll see more of the new God of War game on PS4, hype is going go through the roof as we rapidly approach the Sony press conference on June 12, 2017.

In the latest God of War update from Sony Santa Monica, we learned that there's a heavier focus on storyline for the new game in the action-adventure series, and there's big rumors that a God of War release date could be as soon as September 2017.

We know that God of War will be gorier than ever, and there's even rumors that we could be getting a multiplayer mode. All eyes are now on E3 2017 where we can pretty much guarantee that Sony will unleash another spectacular trailer and likely some hard-hitting gameplay that will make us drool!