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God Of War Ragnarok Includes 60+ Accessibility Features

Since Naughty Dog seemingly began the initiative among PlayStation Studios developed games to include more accessibility options with The Last Of Us Part II, there’s been a concerned effort from every team under the PlayStation wing to do the same in their games.

God Of War Ragnarok is no different, it seems, as Sony Santa Monica has included more than 60 accessibility options for Kratos’ next adventure, each designed to make the epic tale about a father and son available to anyone.

The news comes from website GameInformer’s continued coverage of the title, as it spoke to lead UX designer at Sony Santa Monica, Mila Pavlin.

“This is a fantasy epic. This is a story about a father and son. This is about the fate of the Nine Realms. And the ability to go into that, regardless of your background, and be able to experience all this rich detail and history and story? That drives me everyday.”

Pavlin and her team have done their best to include as many features as they could to present players with a chance to fine-tune almost any aspect of the game.

This goes beyond visual and audio focused accessibility options, but parts of gameplay can be fine tuned to make sure anyone is able to experience the full game.

Despite this effort though, Pavlin isn’t satisfied.

“60-plus features is tremendous to get to, I still think we can do better. I think we can push it further.

But honestly, I feel like people will be excited to see just how many more players can play.

And if I can push a feature to the point where one more player – just one more player – could play, then that would be the greatest thing in the world; to be able to see that one player and understand how that lets them connect with the community and connect with everyone.”

Source – [GameInformer]