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God of War Soul Eater Boss Fight Guide

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Get ready for some tough boss fights in God of War! Follow the God of War Soul Eater boss fight walkthrough to discover how to kill this side boss effectively.

As well as upgrading Kratos and powering his magical weapon, throughout your journey into the Norse realms you'll be facing some tough bosses. Find out how to beat The Stranger, and then check out our Soul Eater boss fight guide for tips.

  1. The Soul Eater is impervious to all attacks
  2. Soul Eater’s only weakness is its chest. When it opens up its chest a big red light will glow from it and it will start to shoot fire balls at you, dodge out of the way or use one of the four pillars in the room to take cover
  3. When its chest is exposed (while its shooting fire balls at you) throw you’re axe at it, not only will it take damage but it will drop sulfur bombs.
  4. Pick up the sulfur bombs and throw them at the Soul Eater, it will knock it down allowing you to go in for a grab attack.
  5. You can also damage the Soul Eater by throwing your axe at the explosive pots located in the environment while its chest is open and exposed.
  6. Avoid getting too close, the Soul Eater will smash the ground and damage anything next to it.

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