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Gold PS5 Limited Edition Series Revealed By Caviar, Includes Rare $352,770 18-Carat Yellow Gold Console

Caviar has announced a limited edition series of gold PS5 consoles, including an 18-carat version for an RRP $352,770 limited to just five models worldwide. The ‘cheaper’ option, if you can call it that, is for a mere $12,750 and features gold-plated 24-carat gold, with 99 manufactured in total.

As reported by LetsGoDigital, Caviar is no stranger to premium PS5 releases, having launched the Golden Rock console just one month after the PS5 came out, as well as Black Carbon and Crocodile Leather versions. This latest Gold PS5, however, “is the best and most exclusive series ever produced by Caviar,” said the company.

It also includes a DualSense controller that has been overhauled with genuine leather and gold inserts on the buttons.

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Meanwhile, the alternative version of the PS5 includes gold plating technology, with plates featuring 24-carat gold. There’s 99 of these manufactured, so it’s still incredibly rare, although not quite as much as the above version. This Gold PS5 also features a disc drive.

The PS5 launched in November 2020 in the US, UK, Europe, and other major markets, and is still not readily available due to stock shortages.

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