Golden Axe PS3 details revealed

The latest issue of UK publication PSM3 has revealed the first concrete details on Sega’s forthcoming Golden Axe: Beast Rider for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

According to the magazine, the game will be something of a reinvention of the classic slash ‘em up, with players assuming the role of Amazonian warrior Tyris Flare; however, series veterans Gillus the dwarf and Ax Battler will still make an appearance as supporting characters.

The most significant change Beast Rider undertakes is the inclusion of free-roaming environments as opposed to side scrolling action, in addition to the ability to ride up to five different beasts found throughout the gaming environment.

Despite this, fans of the Genesis original will be pleased to hear that the traditional hack and slash combat still remains, although this time, players will also have a range of spells at their disposal.

Expect more details on Golden Axe: Beast Rider as they become available.

Source: CVG