Good news about those awful Shenmue 3 characters


Yu Suzuki has dropped off a fresh batch of Shenmue 3 details at Gamescom this week, among which should help ease your concerns over the visual quality of the recent trailer.

As previously reported, the Shenmue 3 trailer that was released yesterday featured some decidedly archaic character models, which felt at odds with the admittedly gorgeous in-game environments.

However, speaking with Game Watch Japan, creator Yu Suzuki confirmed that all Shenmue 3 characters seen so far are temporary models and subject to change. In addition, proper facial animations were implemented at one point, but were ultimately removed about a month prior to the trailer’s launch.

Elsewhere, Suzuki-san said that there are currently no plans to showcase more of the game at Gamescom this week or next month’s Tokyo Game Show, though next year will see a full-scale promotional campaign kick off.

Shenmue 4 is possible

Interestingly, the former SEGA developer confirmed that he’s interested in continuing the story with Shenmue 4 if possible, and as such isn’t keen on forcing completion of the story with Shenmue 3. He also said the latest entry in the cult classic franchise will take about 30 hours to complete, though didn’t specify if this includes side quests or just the campaign itself. 

Developer Ys Net has also built a new fighting engine for Shenmue 3 from scratch, and as such it won’t utilise the Virtua Engine like its predecessor did. Suzuki also said that he’s working on a phone call system allowing you to catch up with previous characters from the series.

Finally, Suzuki revealed that he’s hoping to rehire as many voice actor from the original games as possible, though noted that some have retired from acting.

Shenmue 3 is scheduled for release on PlayStation 4 and PC in 2018, having been delayed from its original December 2017 window. 

Source: NeoGAF