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Goodbye Volcano High Is A PS5 Queer Narrative Adventure Love Story


Announced at yesterday’s PS5 reveal event, Goodbye Volcano High from KO_OP is a beautiful looking narrative adventure that tells a queer love story.

The game has a beautiful hand-drawn art style and great animations, alongside what appears to be a great voice cast and a narrative that appeals to fans of Life is Strange and other titles. The game will also utilise the DualSense’s haptic feedback triggers to create “a new kind of storytelling experience” on PS5. The game is also coming to PS4.

On top of difficult choices, branching storylines, and even minigames, Goodbye Volcano High is one of the most memorable games due to its unique style, name, and art. Even, including the dinosaurs which may or may not be about to become extinct due to the meteor at the end of the trailer.

Either way, you can watch the first trailer for Goodbye Volcano High running on PS5 below:

KO_OP’s new title was one of many from yesterday’s PS5 reveal and one of many titles the studio has in development. You can catch up on all the announcements from the show here.

Goodbye Volcano High releases for PS5 and PS4 in 2021.