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Gotham Knights Co-op Mode Heroic Assault Goes Live Tomorrow


Gotham Knights will be getting an all new four-player co-op mode in an update coming tomorrow, November 29, 2022, called Heroic Assault.

The update will go live at 8am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm BT, and players who’ve already seen the main campaign through to the credits will have more reason to jump back into Gotham and test their skills further.

Heroic Assault is a standalone mode, separate from the game’s main storyline and it supports up to four players through online co-op, with no local co-op option, at least for now.

There also doesn’t seem to be an option for players to make their way through the challenges in Heroic Assault on their own, though of course it could be added later if WB Games Montreal see’s enough fans asking for it.

You’ll fight through different environments across the 30 areas that you and your friends will have to get through in order to see the end. Each area will have different objectives as well to help break things up between all the bad-guy punching you’re likely to do.

Source – [WB Games Montreal]