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Gotham Knights Has Officially Gone Gold, Announces WB Games Montreal

Gotham Knights has officially gone gold ahead of its October 25, 2022 release, developer WB Games Montreal has announced.

The news was revealed in a tweet with a photo of the development team and a golden version of the Gotham Knights logo.

It’s relieving news for fans, who were perhaps concerned it might be delayed again before October. With it going gold, that seems much less likely to happen now.

Recently, we got another look at some gameplay for Red Hood, showing off more of his skillset. We also got an in-depth look at what went into designing one of the most iconic villains to be featured in Gotham Knights, Mr. Freeze.

We also learned that according to WB Games Montreal, there will be no microtransactions included in Gotham Knights, which sounds great for the game’s launch, and hopefully that news isn’t overturned in the future.

Gotham Knights releases on October 25, 2022 on PS5.

Source – [WB Games Montreal]