Gothic action RPG Death’s Gambit heading to PS4 in 2016

Fans of side-scrolling action adventures have something to look forward to, as European developer White Rabbit has announced Death’s Gambit for release on PS4 sometime in 2016.

A 2D action RPG that takes liberal inspiration from both the Castlevania and Dark Souls games, Death’s Gambit tasks players to step into the boots of a cursed soul who must prevent his own death by destroying a plague that is infesting the world.

Death's Gambit PS4

A non-linear adventure, the world in Death’s Gambit is effectively gated by massively challenging bosses which require both skill and powerful equipment to overcome all the while allowing players to explore every nook and cranny of its domain to gain better equipment and more potent abilities.

Boasting a wide range of weapon and magic types, in addition to a visually accomplished gothic setting, Death’s Gambit looks like a safe bet for a decent action adventure when it releases sometime next year.