Grab some Destiny freebies later this week!

If you find yourself to be running low on Strange Coins, or Motes of Light somehow, then Bungie bares some great news for you!

Between January 7-10, you can visit your friendly neighborhood Postmaster to receive 15 Strange Coins, and 15 Motes of Light. We would say “don’t spend them all in one place”, but you can only spend the Strange Coins with the merchant, Xur, on the weekends at The Tower and the Motes of Light with The Speaker. This isn’t all, though! You’ll also receive a secret emblem which will be awarded to Guardians who sign in to the game at any point within the timeframe.

where is xur

Xur appears in the Tower or Reef every Friday, and vanishes on Sunday

So, be sure to find the time in your schedules to sign in and grab your free stuff! What a great way to start off the year for Destiny.