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Gran Turismo 7 Load Times On PS5 Take Around 1.5 Seconds, Huge Advantage Over PS4 Version

YouTube account ElAnalistaDeBits has put Gran Turismo 7 under the microscope for its latest performance comparison video, and has found that the PS5 version of Polyphony Digital‘s racer loads significantly faster on Sony’s new home console compare to PS4.

in fact, the PS5 version of GT7 loads in about 1.5 seconds when booting up the Nurburgring track, compare to 41 seconds on PS4 and 37 seconds on PS4 Pro. You can check out more details in the video below.

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Gran Turismo 7 is scheduled for release tomorrow on PS5 and PS4. You can find out if the game is worth your hard-earned cash by reading our full review here. If you’re a Trophy Hunter, then you can check out what GT7 has to offer in this respect here.

The Gran Turismo franchise ranks as Sony’s best-selling first-party series, with over 85 million units sold since its inception in 1997.