Gran Turismo 7 Prologue teased, DriveClub needed ‘extra work,’ says insider

Gran Turismo 7 Prologue has been potentially teased over on NeoGAF by well-known user DemonNite, also an employee at Sony Computer Entertainment.

The small tidbit comes after one user on the gaming forum (via DualShockers) commented how he doesn’t want to see GT7 take five years to see a release. In response, DemonNite posted:

“Are we talking about GT7 or the prologue here ;)”

Elsewhere, he also touched base on DriveClub, the long-delayed racing title from MotorStorm developer, Evolution Studios.

Speaking as to why the title was pushed back, DemonNite stated, “As I kept saying, polish polish polish.”

When one user suggested the title must have been in a bad state to warrant such a delay, he replied: “That’s a bit harsh. It needed extra work.”

DriveClub has apparently gone back to the drawing board, while GT7 hasn’t been officially announced as of yet.

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