Grand Theft Auto 6 is now in development at Rockstar, claims report

Rockstar is already beavering away on a sixth numbered instalment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise, according to sources close to TechRadar.

The site claims that preliminary work has begun on the next chapter in the open-world crime series, although a setting has yet to be finalised. In other words, don’t expect to see it in stores just yet.

Interestingly, the same source reports that Rockstar had at some stage considered a Tokyo, Japan setting for a new Grand Theft Auto title. The company even got as far as carrying out a reference trip for the project, visiting Tokyo some years ago.

Apparently, the studio was flirting with the idea of a Tokyo setting around the same time of GTA 3 and Vice City; however, the road system was said to be problematic, and so the project was left on the cutting room floor. Take-Two went as far as filing the trademark for GTA: Tokyo back in December 2003 before the game was canceled. 

The most recent entry in the series, GTA V, was released on the PS3 and Xbox 360 in September 2013. The game made the transition to current-generation consoles and PC a year later, which added a first-person view mode in addition to visual and performance upgrades. 

GTA V has shipped over 54 million copies worldwide to date.