Grand Theft Auto IV physics demo

A group of individuals got together to create a physics based demonstration of Natural Motions, Euphoria engine. This is a significant video due in large part to the fact that Grand Theft Auto IV will be utilizing the exact same engine for itself. From drive-by shootings to running people over, this video covers pretty much all of it.

The Euphoria engine is something of beauty. A lot of gamers have been fighting for the past year and a half to have this engine placed in such games as Madden from EA Sports, as well as others. Rockstars decision to use the Natural Motion creation was a smart one if not brilliant. The engine is designed to create and generate animations on-the-fly as opposed to pre-determined end results. Due to this it causes every single event to be unique to that one moment in time.

This will definitely give GTAIV an incredible increased amount of replayability unlike ever before. With every happenstance unlike the last, it only makes you want to see how many crazy incidents you can truly create through Euphoria.


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