Grand Theft Auto V coming Spring 2013, latest leak confirms

A retail poster spotted by a GTA fan forum apparently confirms the oft-rumored release window for Rockstar Games’ upcoming open-world epic Grand Theft Auto V.

The poster, seen below, displays a European rating of PEGI 18 and asks customers to "Pre-Order Now", right before displaying the release window of "Spring 2013". Rockstar has been mum with any word of a release date since the game made its debut late last year, but few expected it to show up before the end of 2012. A full blow-out of details on everything from gameplay to story is expected next month.

If you look closely at the poster, you can spot the game’s first official artwork as well as a second piece of promotional art that depicts an angry-looking man and his equally-ferocious rottweiler standing outside a liquor store.

Sound off in the comments with your hopes and dreams for Grand Theft Auto V, and stay glued to next month as we cover an avalanche of game details.