Gravity Rush 2 DLC and future discussed by series director

gravity rush 2 characters

The latest issue of the popular Weekly Famitsu has been released and inside is an interview with Keiichiro Toyama. For those who may not know, Toyama is the director for Gravity Rush 2. The interview, which is below, talks about DLC, future plans for Gravity Rush 2, and if another game could be coming to the series.

Will there be a day-one patch?

“While I don’t think a patch will be necessary, we won’t know about the online yet until we try it out.”

Regarding ‘The Ark of Time – Raven’s Choice DLC…

“It will depict what happens to ark left over at the end of the previous game and the children. At first we wanted to put it in the main story, but we decided to cut it since those who didn’t play the previous game wouldn’t understand it. Taking your time playing it will take about five hours.”

Regarding the future of Gravity Rush…

“It’s still a blank slate, but I feel like I’ve put my all into it this time, so if I make a sequel, I want it to be something new. For example, if there was new hardware that allows for a new way to express things, then I may want to make it.”

What are the plans for the next title from the Gravity Rush team?

“Since the team is in good condition, I want to continue to use their merits for a new title. I haven’t thought about the new title at all yet, but I don’t think it will be significantly different from the direction I’ve taken so far. I think it will be of the action adventure game.”

Gravity Rush 2 is scheduled to release on January 18 for Australia and Europe and January 20 for North America and the United Kingdom.