Gravity Rush 2 online features to end early 2018

gravity rush 2 online

Are you still playing Gravity Rush 2 online? Best to get as much online love as you can as Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia has announced (via Gematsu) that it will end online services for the title on January18, 2018 at 9 p.m. PT (January 19, 12  a.m. ET). 

Following the termination of online features, the following will be inaccessible:

  • Sending and receiving Challenges
  • Viewing the rankings
  • Sending and receiving Treasure Hunts
  • Sending, receiving, and reviewing Photo Ghosts
  • Obtaining Dusty Tokens, as well as its rewards

There’s a tiny shred of good news out of this, though. Starting today until January 18, 2018, Sony is doing a "Dusty Token Acquisition Increase Event" that will increase the amount of Dusty Tokens players can obtain by playing online. Important to note that Dusty Tokens can be used to obtain Talismans, costumes and other rewards, and these things will no longer be available once the online service ends. 

It’s honestly a bit surprising given Gravity Rush 2 was just released earlier this year on the PS4 (read our review), and it garnered a lot of praise from people as well. 

Spread the word, people. And go play the game online while you still can.