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Greedfall Getting A PS5 Release With Additional Content


Spiders (the developer) have confirmed that its latest title, fantasy RPG Greedfall, is getting a PS5 release, with some additional content for players new and returning.

The news was shared in a post on Twitter, but as for what the PS5 upgrades to the game will bring and what additional content we will see, right now nobody knows. However, we can expect things like a higher resolution and more stable framerate to be key points highlighted in this next-gen release. No release date for the PS5 version was announced.

We reviewed the game back last year and came away impressed by the title even if it had some issues. One big issue was a lack of visual refinement, so hopefully we can see that improved on PS5 and a better quality experience all around.

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Greedfall is available now on PS4 and is playable on PS5 through backwards compatibility. A native PS5 release of the game is on its way.

Source – [@Greedfall]