GRiD PS3/360 comparison video — or is it? has become infamous for their comparison videos of multiplatform titles spread across the PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360, but they’ve seemed to decide to take it one step further. After the entire Devil May Cry 4 debacle that left a lot of gamers displeased on both sides of the spectrum, one would expect a similar situation from not taking place later on. They’ve recently released their side-by-side comparison of the latest demo, GRiD, produced by Codemasters. We’ve included the video below.

Now, what you just saw was a straight comparison between both formats, but it leaves you wondering as to why GameTrailers decided to pull this comparison video from their website. You might be able to find the answer out as to why in the video below.

The question we’re trying to have answered much like a lot of other gamers are is, "How many other times has this occured?" In a world where gaming journalism has become heavily influenced by money, free swag, free games and press kits, we find ourselves disconnecting with the love we once had for honest-to-god unbiased journalism and replacing it with a tinted view of the dollar. Leave your impressions below.

In the end, you should leave it up to your own opinions on which you feel looks better by viewing credible sources of media. Do this by visiting the official homepages of games or by just checking the title out side-by-side on your own.

[Editor’s Note: I apologize if either video ends up being removed.]