GT Sport being used by UK police successfully as a training tool

gran turismo sport

Polyphony Digital’s GT Sport is being used by a UK police force to train specialist police drivers.

The Lincolnshire Police Force has teamed up with PlayStation and are using the PS4 exclusive ultra-realistic racing game to hone up on their driving skills.

According to a press release:

“The project saw officials from GT Academy, the virtual-to-real racing body that has been training world class racers for almost a decade, put police officers through a rigorous in-game regime to see if it could help improve their driving ability, which in turn could supplement the skills they have already obtained through traditional police training methods as part of their roles.”

Apparently, the drivers also played the GT Sport VR mode to help develop their skills as the game accurately showcases the correct techniques for driving at speed. The results have been impressive. After completing a lap at the real Silverstone in a real car, the officers then played GT Sport and completed the lap again – 14 seconds (on average) faster than their previous lap!

Laurence Wiltshire, Project Director of GT Academy says: “GT Academy has proven that the skills learned via Gran Turismo directly transfer from the virtual track on to the real one. This is thanks to the incredibly accurate simulation of the tracks but more importantly the simulation of the cars, their physics and how they handle. GT Sport is the best in the series history and, with the addition of VR mode, offers the most realistic driving simulation yet. It’s one thing to train racing drivers but the idea that a game could help officers respond to emergencies more efficiently is mind-blowing.”

GT Sport is due for release on October 17, 2017.