GTA Online tips for Freemode Events to help you win

 With the recent GTA Online update comes the introduction of Freemode Events, in which you can cause plenty of chaos with a range of new challenges, including King of the Castle, Hunt the Beast and Cross the Line.

Rockstar has been kind enough to offer a few Freemode Events tips to help get you started on a winning run, including some general tips to take across all events.



• Stock up. You’ll need lots of firepower and a variety of vehicles so be sure to load up on ammo, armor and snacks and have a diverse mix of rides in your garage, from motorcycles to fast cars to off-road vehicles – be prepared to dial up your Mechanic at the drop of a dime. Similarly, you should also have a chopper or plane at the ready from Pegasus.

• Be generous. Team up and share your cash by going to the Inventory section in your Interaction menu, and select Cash. From there, choose which player you’d like to share with as well as a percentage cut.

• Periodically, purple help text and UI will pop onto your screen. Be on the lookout for these messages as they will provide helpful information specific to the Freemode Events.

• Keep your eyes on the prize. Stay focused on the main objective in all Events rather than getting bogged down in fighting other challengers, risking defeat by another player.

• If you want to avoid auto-targeting your friends during Events, be sure to set your Player Targeting Priority to Strangers.

There’s also some specific tips for a some of the game modes.

Hunt the Beast
“In your attempts to claim the Castle, you’ll find gunfire and explosions to be plentiful – best to make use of the cover around you whenever possible. Amidst that chaos, focus your sights on the King as killing other players will only benefit the head of the kingdom. The one civilian you should feel free to go after is the points leader. If they aren’t currently the King, taking them out on your way to the Castle area will prevent them from adding to their score. Once you do claim the throne, well-placed proximity mines can be a great defense of the Castle – hopefully helping to extend your reign for a good long while. Merryweather will gladly help out for a small fee so be sure to call in Mercenaries or a Backup Helicopter to dethrone the current King.”

gta online tips for hunt the beast

Moving Target
“While you’re busy focusing on steering your picked up vehicle to a safe delivery, have someone ride shotty to help fend off attackers and then share the cash. As in real life, don’t always blindly rely on the GPS – you just might know a shortcut that’s faster or safer.”

Hot Property
“Since the competition can easily locate players holding the Briefcase on their HUD, once you obtain one you should stay on the move as much as possible – a fast car such as the Kuruma is ideal. Fortunately, Briefcases can be picked up from inside your vehicle, allowing you to avoid exiting your car and thus being more vulnerable to enemy fire. Also, consider working with a partner to help secure the Briefcase and then share the cash if you win.”

We’ll update this article with more GTA Online Freemode Events tips in due course, so be sure to check back!