GTA V dev working on ‘cutting-edge’ next-gen tech

The developer behind Grand Theft Auto V is on the hunt for fresh blood to help work on undisclosed next-generation technology.

According to the job posting, Rockstar North is looking for an ‘experienced programmer’ to develop ‘cutting-edge’ tech in preparation for the next round of hardware.

“Rockstar North is currently seeking an experienced programmer to focus on core engine development”, and adds, “This is an exciting opportunity to develop cutting-edge architectures and high performance systems for current and next-gen platforms,” it reads.

Elsewhere, Rockstar San Diego is also advertising for new staff, with the studio hiring for a physics programmer. While it doesn’t explicitly give mention to next-gen, it does talk about integrating new technologies.

“RAGE team members work closely with game teams to integrate new technologies as well as evangelize best practices and process in using those technologies across Rockstars studios.”

Finally, both teams are on the lookout for network programmers, though San Diego’s suggests it could pertain to GTA V or a new Read Dead Redemption.

“A networking programmer who specializes in the synchronization of the wide range of gameplay mechanics round in a Rockstar open world game,” which involves “working with engineering and design staff to integrate dynamic multiplayer into all areas of gameplay.”

GTA V is due out in spring 2013 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Sony and Microsoft are widely tipped to unveil plans for their new games consoles at E3 next June.

Stay tuned.

via NowGamer, OXM