GTi Club+ not PS3-exclusive?

In an interview with Kikizo, GTi Club+ Rally Cote D’Azur Producer Phillip Macdonald has suggested that the revamped arcade racer may not be exclusive to PlayStation Network.

Asked why Konami had plumped for Sony’s service rather than Xbox LIVE Arcade, Macdonald remarked that during the early stages of development PSN appeared the more appropriate venue, favouring substantial, polished products over cheap knock-offs. "I think at the time we just thought the Xbox Live audience were used to retro, cheap ports, and we didn’t want to put this on there because we think it’s better than that.

"So we chose to go with PlayStation Network," he went on. "I’m not saying it’s going to be on PSN forever, but at the moment – that’s the decision that was taken."

Xbox Live Marketplace has seen a definite quality hike in recent months, thanks to such top-notch fodder as Jonathan Blow’s Braid and Geometry Wars 2. By our lights, however, these titles aren’t quite a match for Sony’s mighty WipEout HD and SIREN: Blood Curse.

Elsewhere in the interview, Macdonald expressed a wish to resurrect another Konami classic, the wonderful Rocket Knight Adventures. "I’d love to remake Rocket Knight, bring that to PSN, but at the moment PSN’s kind of uncharted territory for Konami, so touch wood this does really well, it needs the figures."

On the strength of its feature set, which includes eight-player online modes, customisable car skins, Trophy and PlayStation Home support, GTi Club+ certainly deserves those figures. The game hits PlayStation 3 via PSN on December 4.