Guerrilla Games: "No plans for co-op in Killzone 2"

Guerrilla Games has told PSU in an exclusive interview that there are currently no plans to implement co-op in Killzone 2.

"Currently there are no plans for co-op in Killzone 2," said game director, Mathijs de Jonge. "Technically it would be quite difficult to implement it for the story mode as for example the mission sections are loaded in seamlessly – no loading screens , and that would cause issues with teleporting players. Even without co-op it’s still a big game and gamers will have plenty to sink their teeth into."

To hear that there is no planned co-op for Killzone 2 seemed odd, as over the last few months, news has continued to point to "post release patches" or rumors of possible "four player co-op." However, after digging around, we quickly found that all stories pertaining to a co-op mode in the game were based purely on speculation, providing no evidence to back up their claims.

The biggest story that nearly every major website covered was posted in late August, stating that bots were confirmed and that a post-release patch would be adding co-op. Again, no source was provided in regards to where the information originated from.

Sad to say, it looks like those co-op dreams can be put to sleep. Still, don’t let that keep you from purchasing Killzone 2. The game still has a phenomenal single-player and the multiplayer online should keep you busy for years to come. Stay tuned for our full interview later today.