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Guide: How To Add An M.2 SSD To The PS5

How To Add An M.2 SSD To PS5, PS5 SSD, M.2 SSD PS5, PS5 How To Add M.2 SSD. Support for M.2 SSDs in the PS5 will be released during a new system software update, with the feature currently in Beta form. However, a lot of people are going to be asking how to add an M.2 SSD to the PS5, so we’re here to break it down for you.

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For those unaware, the M.2 SSD is a high-speed version of the technology that can be used to beef up your PS5’s storage capacity, whether that be the standard version or the Digital Edition of Sony’s new system.

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Outside of increasing your hard drive space, you can use it to move games between the console’s storage or USB device, giving you easy access to PS4 or PS5 games. Thanks to the increased speed capabilities of the M.2 device, it’ll be a quick process, too.

How To Add An M.2 SSD To Your PS5

First, a few things to note. Never power on your PS5 or attempt to play it while the core is off. You’ll also have to format your M.2 SSD after installing, and make sure you don’t turn the power off while saving data or while the SSD is being formatted. It’s also advised you have a table to work at, a flashlight, and a Philips or cross-head screwdriver.

Fortunately, Sony has also released a new video to help you out, which we’ve also included below.

  1. Head to Settings > System > System Software > Console Information to ensure the beta system version is installed.
  2. Press and hold the power button for three seconds, which will turn off the PS5. Remove all cables and devices from the system, and wait for the PS5 to cool down.
  3. Put the PS5 on a soft cloth on a flat surface and take off the base.
  4. Ensure that the screw hole for the base is facing towards you, with the PS logo facedown and the power button on your left.
  5. Place your palm near the top corners and grip the edge of the cover, gently pulling it up and towards you (there may be an audible click). Once the cover is lifted away, you’ll see a long rectangular cover over the expansion slot with one screw.
  6. Take off the screw from the expansion slot cover and remove the cove.
  7. Remove the screw and spacer and then adjust the spare to the size of your M.2 SSD.
  8. Grab the edge of the M.2 SSD and align it with the notch on the expansion connector. Next, insert it all the way in by starting from a diagonally upwards position.
  9. First, ensure the M.2 SSD is correctly inserted/is inserted all the way in. If not, it may damage the PS5 and terminal. Next, tilt the the M.2 SSD down and faster it with screws.
  10. Attach the expansion slot cover and fasten the screw
  11. Replace the cover, making sure you position it about 2cm or 3/4 of an inch away from the top edge and then slide it back into place. You should hear a click to let you know it’s secure.
  12. Finally, connect all your cables to the PS5, plug them in, and fire up the console. When it starts, you will be greeted with the formatting screen, so follow the instructions.