Has Capcom accidentally revealed Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster?

It looks as though Resident Evil Zero may be receiving the exact same high-definition treatment as its next-of-kin, Resident Evil Remake – that is if a recent accidental reveal on developer Capcom’s website is any indication.

Updating its Japanese homepage, Capcom released a new screenshot of the PlayStation 4 theme gamers are set to receive upon pre-ordering the upcoming high-definition makeover of Resident Evil. What’s so special about this presumably innocuous screen capture is that below on the PS4’s tile-based system is a game icon for that of Resident Evil Zero, a title that’s as-of-yet unannounced.

It would make sense, however, given that the game’s of similar ilk to that of the original Resident Evil Remake on Nintendo’s GameCube, having released in the exact same year to frankly warm acclaim. The original’s HD release is imminent  – as is the episodic adventure Resident Evil Revelations 2 – so there’s hardly a better time for Capcom to keep the horror ball rolling.

Resident Evil Zero, one of the series’ more polarizing entries, was originally released way back in 2002 on Nintendo’s GameCube. An exclusive initially, Zero had gamers play in a two-pronged switching system between that of Rebecca Chambers and escaped convict Billy Coen throughout the entire adventure rather than just picking the one character from the beginning of the game.

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