Haze is a true PS3 exclusive

The details surrounding Haze are no longer hazy.

Haze has had quite the development cycle. The title has been in development for nearly three years and is finally nailed down to a specific date and platform. The date, May 20; the platform, PlayStation 3.

In our interview with Rob Yescombe (screenwriter and developer at Free Radical) late last year, Yescombe confirmed that Haze was a PlayStation 3 exclusive. However, he also confirmed that the title would be arriving in November 2007, which has long since gone by.

Jumping to present day, several Ubisoft representatives at Live have confirmed that the title is not a timed exclusive, but fully exclusive to PS3. To reiterate, it will never come out on any other platform. There will be no 360 SKU – the rumor is dead.

We’ll have more for you on Haze when it creeps closer to its May release.