Haze release date announced

Ubisoft has decided to make another release date related announcement today, and this time it’s about the notoriously delayed Haze.

The PS3 exclusive (or so we think) will be available on May 22. The FPS was originally scheduled for release last year, but Free Radical claimed it needed more polish before release. Which was probably a good thing, given that it was up against the excellent Call of Duty 4.

Haze will feature single and four player co-operative play. Its unique selling point is its use of the drug ‘Nectar’, which creates big twists in the gameplay. For example, overdosing the enemy on Nectar may cause them to start killing each other.

May 22 means it will be released between GTA IV and MGS4. Assuming it’s an impressive game, expect a busy few months of gaming ahead of you. We’ll have much more information on the title as we approach its release.