Headsets Review

The number of titles that support a bluetooth headset on the PS3 is increasing, so we’ve decided to review a few headsets of our own. Keep in mind that we haven’t looked for the best possible headsets on the market. This is a great feature of the PS3 in itself: any bluetooth headset is compatible. We’ve also thrown in a wired headset if that takes your fancy.

Plantronics 320
By Eric Blattberg

The Plantronics 320 bluetooth microphone is the one to get for your PlayStation 3. At sites like Amazon or Newegg you can pick up this bad boy for only $25 USD.

It feels relatively comfortable on your ear, though is slightly ousted by some newer models in this regard. However, the Plantronics 320 provides the highest reliability rate with zero pairing or re-pairing issues. The talk time on a full charge lasts a solid 10 hours, while total charge time lasts 10 days if turned off. The sound quality is great, both outgoing and incoming.

For the low price of $25, you can’t beat the Plantronics 320. If you don’t have a microphone, there is no reason not to get a P320.

Final Score: 8.5/10

Motorola H350
By Dustin Spino

Motorola is a well known company for making quality products, and it’s no different with Bluetooth headsets.

The headset has crystal clear sound quality. Usually people will be tugging at a Bluetooth headset because its too loud for their ears or pushing it against the ear because its too quiet. With the H350 you have neither, as the sound is perfect. Voice is clear as well, you don’t need to talk loud at all, as other people can hear you clearly, so no throwing the microphone across the room because your teammate couldn’t hear you yell “Turn around you *#^*%!!!"

Also, with the recent PSN update you no longer have to re-register every time you turn the headset off; simply turn it on and it will sync with your PS3. Battery life is amazing. One full charge will last you throughout your day and charging only takes two hours. The only problem I have personally hadwith the microphone is the headset likes to turn off when playing MotorStorm. Other than that one flaw, the H350 is the perfect choice for Bluetooth gaming.

Final Score: 8.5/10

Logitech Gaming Headset
By Dustin Spino

If wired gaming is more your style, Logitech has you covered.

Whether it’s because bluetooth is a little pricey or you just don’t want to deal with charging batteries, there is always the USB route. USB headsets have been the perfect choice for gamers ever since the PS3 launched, having fewer problems with connecting and performing much better than bluetooth headsets. Logitech is a very well known company for making spectacular third party game products for all systems, with everything from mikes to surround sound systems. With the Logitech USB gaming headsets, you get nearly 30 feet of cord to allow you some freedom, a durable headset that is very tough to break, and an assortment of covers for the ear piece so you can find what is comfortable.

The sound quality is top notch, depending on the specific model you buy, you may even be able to adjust sound quality. Speaking is heard clearly by other gamers but after several hours of play the microphone seems to fade out and it becomes harder to communicate, while sound quality will stay strong. The major problem gamers are finding with not only Logitech’s headsets, but any USB headset, is the PS3 likes to turn off the USB ports, so your microphone will not only stop working, but anything else you have connected like keyboards, will go out as well. All you have to do is un-plug and re-plug in the microphone, or on rare occasions you may have to completely restart your PS3 system. The problem is similar to the connection problems bluetooth headsets were having before the PSN update. The problem occurs more frequently than any other problems with any headset.

If you don’t want to shell out on a bluetooth headset then USB is a great choice, but bluetooth really is the way forward. Both types of headsets have their problems but Sony seems to be improving bluetooth support considerably.

Final Score: 7.5/10