Heavenly Sword 2 tidbits

We should all know by now that there will be a Heavenly Sword 2, but before core development starts, Ninja Theory needs opinions. Last night a focus group was held in Chicago to do just that.

The following are the ideas that were expressed by Ninja Theory, however, they were looking for opinions on each item.

1. Heavenly Sword 2 will take place 10 years after the events in Heavenly Sword 1
2. The main character will be a male with a martial arts background
3. The main character will be Kai, but she will be a more mature woman.
4. The game will require you to master different martial art styles before retrieving the heavenly sword
5. The game will, instead of button mashing, have controls that utilize an analog stick to go through weapons.
6. The game will have downloadable weapons, characters, and enemies to customize your experience.
7. The game will be more interactive with the environment
8. The game will have you on a storyline with replayable missions, as opposed to an open world.

We don’t know what the developers actually have up their sleeves, but if the downloadable content gets implemented then the upcoming title will have some extensive replay value, perhaps longer than 6 hours. None of this information is 100% official though.