Heavenly Sword: demo and load time details

Dean Calver, Heavenly Sword Lead Programmer at Ninja Theory, recently revealed a lot of details on one of the most anticipated PS3 titles of 2007.

Speaking of Heavenly Sword’s state of production, Calver said that "if you take the PSN demo we are currently doing, then we have a separate team (borrowed from Sony Cambridge) who are doing the work to make it a stand alone demo while the NT team are working on Beta. There’s still work for the main team fixing bugs and balancing but it’s much less than full time."

Then going into more depth about loading within Heavenly Sword, he mentions, "Essentially our basic load structure, is that at the beginning of each chapter we have a introductory cut scene, while thats happening we are also caching data from Blu-ray to hard disk. This way when we actually are streaming while you play we can use both sources at the same time."

Finally, on the percent of power Heavenly Sword utilizes out of the PlayStation 3, Calvin said, "You only really have to know stats like this when your bottlenecked and we aren’t by the SPUs at all so…" This leaves us wondering how much power the SPUs actually contain. Looks like we’ll have to wait a long time until we actually find out.