Heavenly Sword release marked by shipping errors

Today on September 12th, 2007, Ninja Theory’s spectacular PS3 title Heavenly Sword was supposed to hit retails stores everywhere. However due to shipping errors (including all my local Gamestops) shipments have not been received.

The problem is a delay with the distributors and what was supposed to be a release today, won’t actually happen until tomorrow.

According to, a Game Crazy representative spoke on the subject stating, “We received an email from corporate just a few moments ago that stated the game will not hit our stores until tomorrow morning after delivery. It would be safe to say that we won’t have the title until mid-day tomorrow…”

For all of those who have Heavenly Sword pre-ordered or are looking to walk in a pick it up, try hitting up your local retail stores tomorrow afternoon and Heavenly Sword should be there waiting for you.