Heavy Rain on PS4 looks absolutely amazing in first screenshots

Sony has released the first official screenshots of the PlayStation 4 version of Heavy Rain for you consumption.

The screenshots give us a glimpse at four of the main characters, including Ethan and Madison, and showcase a noticeable visual improvement over the PS3 version of the Quantic Dream thriller. Check them out below.

Heavy Rain is due out on PS4 in March 2016 as a digital download, and will also be bundled with the forthcoming PS4 version of Beyond: Two Souls. Heavy Rain was originally released on the PS3 in February 2010, and focuses on a series of mysterious killings at the hands of the Origami Killer. Players control a variety of characters throughout the adventure, including an everyday father, a private investigator, and a member of the FBI; their journeys cross over at various points in the game, and depending on your choices during the adventure, it is possible for one or more of the key players to be killed off. 

Heavy Rain was a commercial success, selling over three million copies worldwide as of August 2013 and attracting solid reviews from critics. In fact, Quantic Dream revealed that the game actually made Sony quite a lot of dough, generating an impressive $100 million for the platform holder. On the flip side, the French studio lost around 5-10 million Euros through used game sales. Still, you’d expect that after proving such a hit in terms of sales, a sequel would be a no-brainer, right? Not exactly. Sony has already said that it never discussed the possibility of Heavy Rain 2 with Quantic Dream, and true to their word, a follow-up has never materialised. 

The game’s success, however, did warrant a re-release in the shape of Heavy Rain: Director’s Cut in late 2011. The thriller was also patched to include PlayStation Move support. Read our review of Heavy Rain on PS3 to see what we thought of Quantic Dream’s story-driven adventure.