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Hell Let Loose Adds British Forces Rework 2 With Update 1.028; Read The Full Patch Notes Here

The development team behind Hell Let Loose have issued another major update reworking the British Forces, and you can get the full skinny as part of the Hell Let Loose update 1.028 patch notes below.

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This update completes the British rework phase of development. We decided to expand on the initial release of the British forces last year following a swath of valuable feedback. After two content updates comprising overhauls, we feel confident in the enhancements and improvements to transform this portion of the game. Thank you for your assistance in helping us accomplish this!

We’ve also implemented a new game mode, Control Skirmish. Based on feedback from previous PTEs, we’ve focused on refining our ‘seeding’ (rebranded to Control) game mode which originally featured on Foy and Kharkov.

Skirmish is a gateway experience for new players of Hell Let Loose. This game mode allows players to get straight into the action and experience some of the core mechanics of Hell Let Loose with fewer moving parts.

This is a quicker 50vs50 experience for some of our core audience who want to hop in for a few games and immerse themselves in the battle immediately.

Featuring a new type of garrison – the forward position, each side will be limited to one Armour squad and one Recon squad; the Commander can only spawn in medium tanks and no artillery pieces will be placed on the map.

Both teams start with control over their half of the map while the middle sector is neutral with a single capture point. Both teams must fight, attack and then defend this single capture point. Only the middle section of the map and the single capture point can change hands. At the end of the game, the team that controls the capture point is declared the winner.

To support this, there will be dedicated servers on PC, running these Skirmish maps, 24/7, so they’re always available for you to join.

  • HLL Official – Europe #16 > HLL Official Skirmish – Europe #01
  • HLL Official – US East #12 > HLL Official Skirmish – US East #01


New Gamemode

  • Skirmish

Updated maps:

  • El Alamein Refresh
  • Driel Updates

New weapons:

  • No.4 Mk I Sniper (6 mags)
  • Sten Gun Mk V (8 mags)
  • No.82 Grenade ‘Gammon Bomb’
  • Thompson 1928A1 Horizontal Grip Drum Mag (5 mags)
  • Thompson 1928A1 Horizontal Grip Stick Mag (8 mags)

New tanks:

  • Churchill Mk VII (Heavy Tank)
  • Crusader Mk III (Medium Tank)
  • M3 Stuart ‘Honey’ (Light Tank)


  • British Airborne (Paid)
  • Polish Parachute Brigade (Paid)
  • Near Miss Helmets – British 8th Army (Free)

Gore filter:

  • The gore filter has been introduced as requested by content creators from the player base



  • [Fixed] Smoke grenades in the shadow of other objects appear to flicker with light and shadow
  • [Fixed] Performance issues on all maps are observed when firing the flamethrower
  • [Fixed] [TPP] Molotov’s can be seen through smoke clouds
  • [Fixed] Breathing while sprinting audio can overlap itself
  • [Fixed] Sten Gun asset is positioned slightly too high when ADS-ing
  • [Fixed] After changing video settings and leaving the game the settings did not apply to the game
  • [Fixed] Loading in some specific maps will trigger a softlock – Rarely seen however a fix was found
  • [Fixed] Character model arms will flail wildly & unrealistically when quickly switching between loadout items
  • [Fixed] The top of the Churchill Mk III heavy tank has an area where there is no player or bullet collision
  • [Fixed] The Churchill Mk III has high armour instead of medium on its rear panel
  • [Fixed] The Lewis Gun has a capacity of 47 rounds rather than 97 and a different number of magazines for each British faction
  • [Fixed] Players can hide the satchel charge inside the Churchill Mk III tank
  • [Fixed] The Medic’s armband is missing from the Khaki Drill uniform

Purple Heart Lane:

  • [Fixed] [PHL] Sky rain PFX are generally invisible & do not match the intensity of the rain effect on the ground
  • [Fixed] [H1] Trees outside the playable area are brighter than others also low-quality bushes are present


  • [Fixed] Some destroyed vehicles across the map present stone SFX and PFX
  • [Fixed] [F6] Burned house wrecks and snow assets are missing collision in sector F6

El Alamein:

  • [Fixed] [B6] Tank stops after colliding with the sand near the main road
  • [Fixed] [F7] [C3] Significant FPS drop in the sector when turning toward the landscape
  • [Fixed] El Alamein’s colour scheme feels flat
  • [Fixed] Bullet collision is not present on canvas covered barrels and tires in multiple sectors
  • [Fixed] Vehicle outlines can be seen on the tactical map
  • [Fixed] Incorrect penetration value on wooden railings
  • [Fixed] [C6]The smoke in sector C6 presents LOD issues
  • [Fixed] Airfield Hangers – sandbag asset not rendering
  • [Fixed] Invisible bullet collision is present on the hangar’s door
  • [Fixed] Uneven terrain can cause built items to glitch into the ground or sky
  • [Fixed] [I4] Floating Cart Asset located in sector I4
  • [Fixed] Infantry mines will partially clip through the rear floor of the aircraft hangers
  • [Fixed] [H8] The cliff found in sector H8 presents misalignment issues
  • [Fixed] [A5] The cliff found in sector A5 is misaligned with the ground
  • [Fixed] [H4] Wooden Pallets present draw distance issues
  • [Fixed] In multiple hangars the terrain is misaligned
  • [Fixed] [E3] Misaligned rock formation in sector E3
  • [Fixed] [B5] A pile of crate assets is floating on sector B5
  • [Fixed] A ripple effect is visible in a small radius around the player when driving on flat surfaces
  • [Fixed] [J6] Assets in this sector are missing textures, polygon faces or are very noticeably misplaced
  • [Fixed] [J5] Assets in this sector are missing textures, polygon faces or are very noticeably misplaced
  • [Fixed] [C9] Assets in this sector are missing textures, polygon faces or are very noticeably misplaced


  • [Fixed] [A1] Windmil presents LOD issue
  • [Fixed] [G1] Black textures can be seen on some steps
  • [Fixed] [H9] A road is misaligned on sector H9

[Source – Hell Let Loose Patch Notes Via Reddit]