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Hell Let Loose PS5 Update 1.012 Patch Notes Reveal New Weapons, Vehicles & More For Burning Snow

Black Matter has unwrapped the Hell Let Loose update 1.012 patch notes for your consumption, which adds the Burning Show content. This brings a bunch of new goodies to the table, including extra vehicles, weapons and a host of general improvements such as bug fixes and gameplay tweaks.

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New with the release of Update 13 –

Map Rotation:

  • Map rotation will be limited for the first 1 week after Update 13 release to make new maps more accessible through matchmaking

Limited Map rotation includes:

  • Kharkov Warfare
  • Foy Offensive (GER)
  • Remagen Warfare (Night)
  • Kharkov Offensive (SOV)
  • Foy Warfare (Night)
  • Kharkov Offensive (GER)
  • Remagen Offensive (US)
  • Hurtgen Forest Warfare (Night)
  • Foy Offensive (US)
  • Kursk Warfare (Night)
  • Foy Warfare
  • Kursk Offensive (GER)
  • St Marie Du Mont Warfare


  • Added Soviet T-70 Light Tank
  • Added Jeeps to all factions
  • GER: Kubelwagen
  • US: Willys Jeep
  • SOV: GAZ-67


  • Added Flamethrowers
  • GER: Support lvl.8
  • US: Support lvl.8
  • Added Molotovs
  • SOV: Assault lvl.9
  • SOV: Support lvl.6
  • SOV: Automatic Rifleman lvl.3
  • SOV: Rifleman lvl.6
  • DP-27 buff
  • Reduced recoil while brace firing from 0.75 to 0.2
  • Increased damage from 65 at 75 meters to 100 at 150 meters


  • Added Lend-Lease Bazooka loadout for Soviet Anti-Tank lvl.8


  • Added Kharkov
  • Kharkov Warfare
  • Kharkov Offensive GER
  • Kharkov Offensive SOV
  • Added fire damage logic to preplaced fire assets across all maps


  • Added persistent dismantle progression (saves progress for 5 seconds of inactivity)
  • Added shared dismantle progression (dismantles faster the more people there are assisting)
  • Improved Satchel placement logic
  • Improved Satchel damage consistency
  • Vehicle engines now drown when being submerged in water
  • Added 10 new trophies/achievements to console:
  • Frozen Fields
  • Fast Track Delivery
  • Firestarter
  • Fight Fire with Fire
  • This Is a Flammenwerfer, It Werfs Flammen
  • Jeep Let Loose
  • Liar, Liar, Pants of Fire!
  • Za Zdorovie!
  • Drop it Like Its Hot!
  • Molotov Party!


  • Skull Bucket DLC
  • GER: Paratrooper Fallschirmjäger M38
  • GER: Double Decal Police M35
  • US: 101st Airborne 506th PIR Paratrooper M1
  • US: 29th Infantry Division M1
  • SOV: 1941 Model Blockaded Leningrad Helmet
  • SOV: M36 Budenovka Winter Cap
  • Winter Warfare DLC
  • GER: Winter Covered Fallschirmjäger M38
  • US: Winter Covered M1
  • SOV: Winter Covered SSh-40
  • SOV: Winter Toques
  • Base Winter Uniforms
  • US: M1943 Winter Uniform
  • SOV: Ameba Winter Uniform
  • GER: Heer Schneetarnjacke Winter Smok
  • Base Winter Helmets
  • GER: White Painted M42
  • US: White Painted M1
  • SOV: Winter Painted SSh-36
  • SOV: Winter Painted SSh-40
  • SOV: White Ushanka
  • SOV: White Tied Ushanka


  • Added the ability to set cosmetic presets in the Barracks and Loadout screens
  • Added additional non-verbal comms
  • Precision Strike
  • Request Ammo


  • Refactored the animation system to use fewer bones per character mesh
  • Particle and decal FX optimization
  • Improved LoDs for vehicles


  • Added variation to the Bombing Run explosion FX


  • OPs/Garrisons/Half-tracks radio effect now fades to static noise when overrun by the enemy
  • Added UI SFX for deploy countdown in the final 3 seconds


  • Refactored a new animation system. This should result in increased performance and smoother animations in TPP

Bug Fixes:

  • [Fixed] Adjustments made to the M1943 Winter Uniform causing visibility issues.
  • [Fixed] Adjustments to SFX for medium tanks colliding with objects.
  • [Fixed] Adjustments made to Personal Stat tracking.
  • [Fixed] Improvements to stability of title in various menus & maps.
  • [Fixed] Improvements to stability when reconnecting headset during loading screen.
  • [Fixed] Barracks UI highlight remaining when changing presets.
  • [Fixed] Faction and role being changeable while focus is still on customization menu.
  • [Fixed] Improvements to UI elements of the Team17 cross play interface.
  • [Fixed] Improvements to performance when dying and shooting vehicles.
  • [Fixed] Addition of fortification snapping.
  • [Fixed] Fix for the long standing ‘Loadout Bug’
  • [Fixed] Fix for the long standing ‘Grenade Bug’
  • [Fixed] Improved ‘Shots Hit’ statistic to not count structures/vehicles shot with firearms
  • [Fixed] Drivers can no longer turn off the engine to ‘stealth roll’ long distances in vehicles
  • [Fixed] Incorrect plane used to drop Ammo Drop for RUS/GER
  • [Fixed] The Russian Commander Fuel abilities list order isn’t consistent and changes
  • [Fixed] Satchel Charges won’t destroy barbed wire at certain distances
  • [Fixed] German Fuel Nodes are unable to be destroyed with Satchel Charges
  • [Fixed] Gunshot SFX can still be heard after the player that is shooting with certain weapons dies
  • [Fixed] Panther (German Heavy) has a shorter cooldown after spawning it compared to the Tiger
  • [Fixed] Machine gun cannot be mounted in specific type of buildings across all the maps
  • [Fixed] [FPP] The German Small Ammunition box, Medical Supplies box and Explosive Ammo box have identical models when held in hand
  • [Fixed] “This sector is locked” hint triggers unproperly in deployment screen
  • [Fixed] Muzzle flash FX is missing from DP-27 Machine Gun
  • [Fixed] US Medium Tank M4A3 has no SFX when colliding with objects
  • [Fixed] At very specific angles Trucks would sometimes not receive damage
  • [Fixed] Floating fireball is visible after vehicle engines are damaged and repaired
  • [Fixed] Tanks moving in reverse will automatically change to Gear 1 when the tracks are destroyed
  • [Fixed] Satchel damage against Belgian gates is inconsistent
  • [Fixed] Walking into supply truck crates causes the dropping sound effect to be played
  • [Fixed] AP and HE shells are unable to suppress enemy players.
  • [Fixed] Destroying the Panther rewards the player with the wrong combat score
  • [Fixed] Hull and coaxial machine guns do not reload after exiting and entering during reloading
  • [Fixed] Choosing the Bill Head on a US role equips the player with the Hans Head from the German side
  • [Fixed] Kills With The RG-42 Grenade and Mk2 Grenade Are Not Recorded If Thrown Post Death
  • [Fixed] Soldiers don’t have 3rd person animation for vertical aiming movements on specific map HQs
  • [Fixed] Head rotates unnaturally after being revived.
  • [Fixed] The Russian Half-Track appears in the wrong part of the Russian Commander ability list.
  • [Fixed] No animation transition present when ADS with Flare Gun

Console Specific Bug Fixes:

  • [Fixed] [Xbox] Adjustments made to various achievements.
  • [Fixed] [PS5] Adjustments to haptics of vehicles & guns.
  • [Fixed] [Xbox] Adjustments to vibrations of explosions.
  • [Fixed] [Both] “Take Cover” achievement now counts kills of players within vehicles.


  • Improvements made to Vivox communication system.
  • [Fixed] Unit, Leadership and Party VOIP stop working after some time.
  • [Fixed] Unplugging/plugging headsets in repeatedly breaks VOIP.

Network Improvements:

  • Servers for Central US added as an option for US players to improve network.


  • [Fixed] Players can clip into a specific metal roof and hide from enemies
  • [Fixed] One of the buildings in the vicinity of the Nail Factory lacks collision below the staircase on the ground floor


  • [Fixed] Adjustments to lighting within the interior of houses when smoke is present.

Purple Heart Lane

  • [Fixed] Player can spawn into closed house in C8.
  • [Fixed] Invisible wall collision is present on a section of stone wall along the main road

Omaha Beach

  • [Fixed] Adjustments made to various misaligned textures.


  • [Fixed] Rubble can be seen through when prone.
  • [Fixed] There is a kill volume in sector E10 that makes vehicles disappear
  • [Fixed] Misaligned Train
  • [Fixed] Multiple visual issues around a trench
  • [Fixed] There is a large, misaligned dirt pile near a German Bunker
  • [Fixed] Mud embankment along road is misaligned in multiple places


  • [Fixed] Light can be see shining through the ground
  • [Fixed] Floating grass is present in certain areas
  • [Fixed] Misaligned terrain texture present in sector C9
  • [Fixed] A pair of wooden gates are not connected to any fence
  • [Fixed] The artillery shells are misaligned with the terrain
  • [Fixed] Two metal barrels in certain location are clipping through a wooden fence


  • [Fixed] Some crater assets allowed players to see under the terrain


  • Repair stations spawn in American HQs on US-Offensive
  • [Fixed] Some hedge instances being able to block bullets