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Hell Let Loose Update 1.019 Patch Notes Unleashed For Audio & HUD Fixes

Black Matter has emerged from the war-torn battlefields to bring you a list of Hell Let Loose update 1.019 patch notes, which comes packing a range of improvements for the World War II shooter.

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We have made a 20% decrease to the overall acceleration speed as a part of our ongoing plan to refine player locomotion. This change should ease players into the max speed from standing and during sharp movement, making it feel less abrupt and more realistic.

We understand that tanks require some revisiting, and we are investigating how this can be done while minimizing the risk to the wider game mechanics, and ensuring players won’t be able to outrun heavy tanks.


  • [Fixed] Incorrect experience awarded during post-match XP Screen.

A bug was introduced in U14 where the awarding of XP during a match could reset the amount of XP earned in the match, resulting in a lower amount of overall XP being awarded at the end. This has now been fixed.

  • [Fixed] The Server name filter box is deselected when the player is attempting to type in on the Enlist Screen menu.

For U14, we fixed some instances where you could not correctly navigate the UI if using a gamepad. It had the unintentional side effect of making this filter box hard to use when typing into it. This has been fixed so the UI works as expected with all input devices.

  • [Fixed] Holding ‘F’ Actions.

There was a bug causing various ‘F’ key interactions – healing, entering a vehicle and ‘letting go’ during the critical state – to be cancelled when opening the map. This has now been fixed, with the exception of the dismantle function which is as intended.

  • [Fixed] Incorrect Amount of Votes to Kick

The newly introduced vote to kick function on console has been fixed. You will now find only 20 votes are required to successfully kick a player. Evaluating how we can scale this feature is ongoing, and we will keep you up to date with progress.


  • [Fixed] Breathing while sprinting audio overlapped itself

It was found that two instances of the sprint breathing audio were playing at the same time; causing a noticeable doubling to occur. This has now been limited to one instance per player to prevent this from happening in future.

General Bug Fixes

  • [Fixed] In-game vehicle movement stopping when opening the scoreboard.

When adding the feature for vote to kick on console, and making sure that the UI worked correctly on gamepad, we made changes to ensure that the UI reacted correctly when receiving the prompt to vote to kick someone. However, this logic would clear player input whenever opening the scoreboard, stopping actions like being able to drive vehicles. This has been changed to only happen if the voting UI is active, fixing the issue.

  • [Fixed] Dive to Prone used to appear to move faster and avoid conflict

We have modified and tweaked the Dive to Prone so that the player’s stance can’t be changed until the dive to prone animation is completed.

  • [Fixed] Opening the map stops the player from performing multiple actions.

In U14, we fixed a dismantling exploit, however, this fix made any action also be stopped when opening the map. It has been changed so that it only dismantling will be stopped when opening the map, fixing the unintentional side effects of the previous change.

  • [Fixed] British weapons have increased sway when ADSing

We have included some changes that should make using British weapons a closer experience to that of the other forces. Work still needs to be done to find the root issue causing these weapons to have increased sway.

  • [Fixed] British AT gun has inverted controls

This setup error has now been fixed.

  • [Fix Submitted] The “Lost Connection to Host” prompt appears after finishing a match whilst the map is open.

With the map open when finishing a match, the client was repeatedly sending the same message to the server over and over again, so fast that the server would disconnect the client for spamming. This has had a fix submitted so that only one message is sent.

Weapon Bug Fixes

  • [Fixed] British Weapons are not calibrated/zeroed correctly.

Issue improved, but work is still ongoing for some weapons (dropping at 100m)


  • [Fixed] [D4] Invisible collision encountered above the player’s head under a bridge.

There were collision issues with the Landscape LOD that would block player bullets. The landscape “opening” that accommodates the bridge asset has been adjusted and further debris removed to prevent any collision issues.