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Hell Let Loose Update 1.025 Brings New Night Map Variants, British Forces Content & More

Black Matter has deployed the Hell Let Loose update 1.025 patch notes for your viewing pleasure, which adds a bunch of new content including new night map variants as well as British Forces content.

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Night Map Variants

  • [Added] El Alamein – Dusk Time (Historically Correct)
  • [Added] Driel Night

FOV Changes

[Changed] The FOV slider range has seen the following changes:

  • Previously – 90-120
  • Now – 60-120

This is to allow all players a wider range of FOV settings which can help prevent the “Fish Eye” effect seen on larger ultrawide and super ultrawide monitors, players should note that the default FOV setting is still 90 so if you wish to change this you will need to go into your settings menu.

British Forces Update Part 1:

  • [Added] British Eighth Army
  • [Added] German Afrika Corps
  • [Added] SMLE No.1 Mk3 rifle
  • [Added] THOMPSON M1928A1 (North Africa) submachine gun
  • [Changed] Added a Bipod to the Bren
  • [Added] Churchill Tank MK3
  • [Changed] Loadouts between North Africa & Europe
  • [Changed] DAK Loadouts
  • [Added] British 8th Army Uniforms
  • [Added] British Helmets
  • [Added] German Desert Helmet
  • [Added] German Desert Cap

New Paid DLC

  • [Added] Pea Dot Uniform (Aka The Erbsenmuster 44)

General Bug Fixes

  • [Fixed] Sound effects for going prone or crouch are missing in both, 1st and 3rd person views
  • [Fixed] Players can experience voip not working when they change from one voice channel to another without letting the previous key go until they’ve swapped
  • [Fixed] Walking over dead / downed bodies causes water SFX to occur
  • [Fixed] Trench sandbag bullet collision is larger than the asset
  • [Fixed] Update 14 maps have a placeholder name when viewed through a server browser
  • [Fixed] VOIP keybindings do not work after completing a match
  • [Fixed] Lee-Enfield Jungle Carbine has no sound haptics when reloading
  • [Fixed] Second loadout of the Tank Commander role can be usable from the level 1
  • [Fixed] Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk 1 has considerable weapon sway that impairs crosshair visibility.
  • [Fixed] Constant low bandwidth causes the title to display the EULA and reset the user’s settings data.
  • [Fixed] User is softlocked in deploy screen after being kicked from a unit
  • [Fixed] The Field of View setting does not accurately reflect the actual field of view when playing in Ultrawide, leading to fisheyeing at high FoV or on extremely wide screens
  • [Fixed] “Missing string table entry” prompt appears when players below career lv30 attempt to choose Commander role
  • [Fixed] When spawning players, garrisons can ignore collisions of nearby objects, including itself, in extreme cases even the terrain.
  • [Fixed] Panzer 4 reload audio is longer than the reload animation
  • [Fixed] Focus is lost from the “Leave Unit” prompt when the player is kicked
  • [Fixed] Unexpected viewpoint in Recon tank Gunner seat – no reticule / scope overlay present
  • [Fixed] Following a crash, Barracks/Cosmetic settings are reset to default.
  • [Fixed] The user is able to initiate the vault off edges of various assets
  • [Fixed] If the user dives to prone into a blocking volume while trying to climb up, there is a chance that they will start to float up into the air client side.


  • [Fixed] [J6] [J7] [J8] Missing texture at sewer entrance in multiple sectors


  • [Fixed] Wooden plank asset doesn’t have any collision with the player or bullet collision
  • [Fixed] [F2] The wall presents multiple visual issues in sector F2
  • [Fixed] Warfare warm-up wall is changing the intensity of the color
  • [Fixed] [F5] Misaligned texture in F5 on Driel Map
  • [Fixed] Covered tires present no bullet collision
  • [Fixed] [F2] [F9] Multiple grass assets are floating above the ground
  • [Fixed] [E10] There’s a house that presents LoD issues with shadows starting at 25m
  • [Fixed] Multiple sandbag assets have wood SFX/PFX
  • [Fixed] [C10] Player is floating when walking above the fence in sector C10 on Driel map
  • [Fixed] [TPP] Barrel asset presents extended collision
  • [Fixed] Windshields of the aircraft present bullet collision issue
  • [Fixed] Flickering texture while using binoculars in sector G1 on Driel Map
  • [Fixed] [H5] Covered Artillery have Flickering texture effect in sector H5
  • [Fixed] Some covered pallets and a barrel have shadow LoD issues
  • [Fixed] A tree stump is missing bullet collision
  • [Fixed] Ceramic pots have metal PFX and SFX
  • [Fixed] Metal boxes from trenches have wood PFX and SFX
  • [Fixed] [D2] Wooden grenade boxes have stone SFX and PFX
  • [Fixed] [D5] Longboats present LOD issues

El Alamein

  • [Fixed] Wheelbarrow has no bullet collision
  • [Fixed] Leaf piles are out of place on a Desert map


  • [Fixed] Rarely, the Player is spawned under the map on the enemy territory


  • [Fixed] [D5] A wooden water trough is floating above the ground
  • [Fixed] [B8] A couple of apples are misaligned with the ground and appear as floating
  • [Fixed] [E5] A pipe is clipping through a barrel
  • [Fixed] [D8] Player spawned on an Outpost in an out of bounds area and got stuck


  • [Fixed] [H8] Bullet Collision is missing on a specific tomb asset inside the church
  • [Fixed] [G8] Light effect is too bright inside a house model