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Hell Let Loose Update 15 Rolls Out For Mortain Map, New Control Skirmish & Bug Fixes

Black Matter has released the Hell Let Loose update 15 patch notes for your consumption, which is a major patch adding a new map (Mortain), a fresh control skirmish and heaps of bug fixes. You can read the full details below.

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  • New Map Mortain – day & overcast variants (This supports Warfare, Offensive & Control Skirmish)
  • New Control Skirmish – Sainte-Marie-du-Mont Skirmish – day, night & rain variants
  • Sainte-Marie-du-Mont Warfare – night variant
  • Mortain Themed Front End Menu
  • German “Oak Leaf” – Paid DLC
  • Muzzle Flash Improvements
    – – – Added multiple light sources resulting in a more dynamic muzzle flash and physically accurate reflections
  • Additional Nameplate Occlusion Settings
    – – – A player-requested feature whereby the user can toggle nameplate occlusion on friendly players in their team and/or squad
  • In-Game Store Improvements
    – – – Implemented a “Purchased” label on any DLC item that has already been redeemed on the player’s account.

Bug Fixes:


  • [In Game Store] The UI will lose focus if entering and leaving the ‘Featured’ tab
  • [Barracks] Character previews in the ‘Select Your Role’ menu appear too large when playing in ultrawide
  • [Uniforms] The German Africa Corps DAK Uniform has an incorrect belt buckle
  • [Vehicles] The Churchill MkIII gun will clip into the body of the tank if the gun is rotated 180° backwards and depressed to its lowest level while zoomed in
  • [Skirmish] The map key may not be present for certain players
  • [Weapons] The German Satchel placed on the back of the tracks on Stuart M3 ‘Honey’ is not defusable
  • [Field Manual] In the Equipment > Watch tab there is no mention of the Forward Positions.
  • [Field Manual] Incorrect information regarding Recon Vehicles is present in the Vehicles section
  • [Field Manual] In the Equipment > Ammo Boxes tab in the explosive ammo section the rifleman is not mentioned
  • [Field Manual] Small grammatical error present in the Field Manual > Deployment > Spawn Locations
  • [Field Manual] The Forward Position description in the Field Manual says it can’t be placed if too close to another Garrison
  • [Field Manual] The summary at the top of the Outpost, Garrison & Forward Position Field Manual page does not mention Forward Positions
  • [Weapons] Weapons that are held with two hands become misaligned with the player’s hands in TPP whilst leaning
  • [Locomotion] Dive to prone is playing multiple instances of footsteps during the transition
  • [Weapons] Commonwealth faction weapons have no audio feedback when reloading
  • [Weapons] Animations were not playing correctly when the user performed certain sequences of firing and reloading with the Webley Mk VI Revolver
  • [Console] The ‘Skirmish’ activity does not appear in ‘History of completed activities’ following a network disconnection
  • [RCON] Restarting a server also resets the map shuffle option to ‘TRUE’
  • [Vehicles] Destroying a T-70 tank does not award any combat points
  • [Skirmish] “Enemy Forward Position” & “Place Forward Position” tac map markers are only visible to the user that places it
  • [In Game Store] Selected DLC shifts onto the featured DLC by itself when entering
  • [In Game Store] The Uniforms tab is missing localisation in all supported languages
  • [Equipment] TPP Animation for using the Watch is broken on all Factions
  • [Weapons] TPP M1A1 Thompson reload animation causes the character’s elbow to twist unnaturally
  • [Console] In-game store does not populate after a suspended user change.
  • [UI] The Back button loses functionality if the menu and the scoreboard are opened at the same time
  • [Uniforms] British helmet names in the Barracks & Loadout screens have historically inaccurate formatting
  • [UI] Grammatical error in the loading screen tip regarding the Ammo Carrier loadout
  • [UI] Kick player prompt remains on screen for the Officer if a player leaves its unit
  • [UI] The Enlist Screen is only showing up to 100 servers

Practice Range

  • The map is unaligned to the out-of-bounds parameters of the tactical map by 10m
  • Garrison cannot be placed in the Practice Range
  • The Half-Track tactical map icon always appears at the far top-left of the map
  • Missing grass foliage in the Practice Range
  • Tank turrets have no audio when moved
  • The scarecrow on the shooting range at the 75-metre mark has its feet sunk into the ground


  • The Driel Skirmish – Day loading screen shows a different game mode name than the other variants


  • [Skirmish] The setup time blocking volume is in the wrong position
  • [E4] Players can use an Airhead to spawn into an inaccessible area


  • Metal SFX and PFX encountered when shooting the dead cows


  • Metal SFX and PFX encountered when shooting the dead cows

Purple Heart Lane

  • [C2] Players can drown when crouched in a small body of water


  • A blocking volume extends into the playable area on the north side of Saint Marie du Mont updates
  • Trees render as large blocks in the distance
  • A specific plane asset is missing player collision
  • The grass is culling at around 40 metres


  • [G6] The player drowns near a hedge