Hellblade gains Heavenly Sword art director

The art director behind the PlayStation 3-exclusive hack-’n-slash, Heavenly Sword, has rejoined developer Ninja Theory to work on the hotly anticipated Hellblade.

Hugues Giboire’s ascension to the team comes in wake of a series of departures at the DmC: Devil May Cry studio, including Stuart Adcock and Claire Blustin, who served as Art Director and Senior Character Artist, respectively.

Heavenly Sword is remembered fondly by PS3 gamers, and proved something of a cult hit among owners of Sony’s last-generation console. However, despite cries for a sequel, a follow-up has yet to materialize—and probably never will, for that matter.

DmC proved to be a successful reboot of Capcom’s seminal action-adventure franchise back in early 2013, and is due to hit current-gen formats in March. 

As for Hellblade, that’s still heavily in development, but expect more information (hopefully) at E3 in June. Stay tuned to PSU for more details.

via Hardcore Gamer