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Helldivers 2 Raises Server Cap In Update 1.000.12; Read The Full Patch Notes Here

Helldivers 2 update 1.000.12 is now available to download via Arrowhead Games, which raises the game’s server cap in an effort to combat ongoing server issues with the game. You can read the full Helldives 2 PS5 patch notes below for full details.

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Firday Friyay patch for our brave Divers on the front lines!


  • We have raised the server cap!
  • Fixed issue where some players would get stuck in cinematics for an extended period of time.

Known Issues

These are issues that were either introduced by this patch and are being worked on, or are from a previous version and have not yet been fixed.

  • No text is present for the Requisitions and Social Menu on the Player HUD
  • PS5 players may encounter error code 10003001 on the login screen.
  • Login rate limiting when many are logging in at the same time.
  • Players can become disconnected during play.
  • Rewards and other progress may be delayed or not attributed.
  • Various UI issues may appear when the game interacts with servers.
  • Pick-up of certain objects in-game may cause characters to freeze in place for an extended period of time.
  • Some games would not be joinable by others for a short period of time during heavy load.
  • Other unknown behaviors may occur.
  • Japanese VO is missing from intro cutscene and Ship TV.
  • Armor values for light/medium/heavy armor do not currently function as intended.