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Henry And Sam Have Been Cast For HBO’s The Last Of Us Series

The Last of Us HBO series has cast Henry and Sam, the two brothers encountered by Ellie and Joel in Naughty Dog’s critically acclaimed action-adventure game.

Henry will be portrayed by Lamar Johnson, who has appeared in in the likes of Rookie Blue and Your Honor, and Sam is being played by Keivonn Woodard, and this looks set to be his first major role.

Once again, the pair will encounter Ellie and Joel like in the games, but they will be found in Kansas City and not Pittsburgh. Apparently, the brothers are “hiding rom a revolutionary movement seeking vengeance.”

Furthermore, it appears that the character of Sam will be deaf. This hasn’t been announced, but footage of Woodard from last year has the youngster discussing his desire to become the youngest and first deaf, black, professional hockey player.

The pair will be joined by newcomers Marlon and Florence, played by Graham Greene and Elaine Miles, respectively, who are a “married couple surviving alone in the wilderness of post-apocalyptic Wyoming.”

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The Last of Us HBO is set to air in 2023 but a concrete date has yet to be announced.