Here’s your PlayStation Move details

Along with the name of Sony’s new motion controller, PlayStation Move, comes an assortment of details about the actual product. After sorting through the PR accompanied with press material, we’ve boiled down just the facts. Here’s what you can expect from the PlayStation Move.

Sony will also release the PlayStation Move sub-controller, a one-handed wireless controller featuring an analog stick and directional buttons. It comes with a built in lithium-ion rechargeable battery and Bluetooth technology. You will be able to use a normal SIXAXIS OR DUALSHOCK wireless controller in place of the sub-controller.

PlayStation Move utilizes a three-axis gyroscope, a three-axis accelerometer, and a terrestrial magnetic field sensor, as well as a color-changing sphere that is tracked by the PlayStation Eye.

Move will also feature rumble functionality and visual feedback from the sphere’s ability to display a variety of different colors. The PlayStation Eye will also capture the player’s voice and image to augment the gameplay experience.

The system will require the PlayStation Eye.

There are now 36 third party developers and publishers that are supporting the PlayStation Move. When the controller is released you will have more than 20 games that are either dedicated, or support the PlayStation Move.

We can expect several different bundles, one of which will be packaged with a PS3, a PlayStation Move and the PlayStation Eye. You can also get a starter pack, including both Move and Eye, and a game for less than $100 USD.