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Hi-Fi Rush Has Been Rated For PS4 In Australia

It looks like Hi-Fi Rush, the originally Xbox exclusive title developed by Tango Gameworks will be coming to PS4, after a rating in Australia surfaced to reveal a PS4 and Nintendo Switch version on the horizon.

Spotted by NextGenPlayer on Twitter, the rating can almost be taken as an unofficial confirmation that indeed, a game previously believed to be an Xbox exclusive, and arguably the best Xbox exclusive released in 2023, is coming to PlayStation.

Notably though there’s no classification for the game coming to PS5 listed in the rating. This could be Xbox’s way of ensuring that ultimately the “best” place to play Hi-Fi Rush will be on Xbox or PC, not PlayStation.

It’ll be interesting to see where the PS4 version lacks compared to the Xbox Series X/S version of the game.

This also seems to reveal that the rumoured big Xbox title coming to PlayStation is not Sea Of Thieves, which was the other title going around as potentially coming to PlayStation.

Of course it could also be that a reveal for Sea Of Thieves is meant to come much later, with Hi-Fi Rush arriving sooner.

Source – [NextGenPlayer on Twitter]