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Hideo Kojima Expresses Concerns Over Digital Rights, Stands Behind Physical Media

Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima has revealed that he’s still very much in support of physical media, expressing concerns over digital rights as the industry continues its inexorable transition towards a digital-only future.

Speaking on Twitter, Kojima-san revealed that he still purchases CDs, and is concerned that in the future people won’t be able to own digital goods, thus consumers can’t freely access their favourite media.

CDs will be gone soon. When I think about it, I still buy them. Even though I have them in bulk.

Eventually, even digital data will no longer be owned by individuals on their own initiative. Whenever there is a major change or accident in the world, in a country, in a government, in an idea, in a trend, access to it may suddenly be cut off.

We will not be able to freely access the movies, books, and music that we have loved.

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The coronavirus pandemic has seen a huge uptake in digital purchases as stores were forced to close, some of which have sadly gone out of business. Despite this, physical media still remains popular, at least where video games are concerned.

Personally I’m 100% behind Kojima-san on this one, and I still regularly purchase physical games, as well as music CDs and Blu-ray movies, for that matter.

[Source – VGC]